Bea Pierce UX/UI designer


I am a user experience designer specialising in creating design humans love across multiple platforms including web, mobile and social media.

I work at the intersection of interactivity and personal empowerment. I am passionate about UCD principles. In everything I do, my aim is to craft meaningful, engaging design solutions that enrich people’s lives and empower users. I am a passionate advocate for student-led hands-on learning through play. I am fascinated with cognitive psychology and behavioral sciences. 

I prefer to approach design not from a place of certainty in having all the answers but rather from a place of curiosity and a desire to develop a deep understanding of context and issues, to experiment and explore. I love the process questioning can lead to in creating solutions.

My work

These examples of my work cover a broad range of my skills and experience, including UX, CX, creative direction, visual design and branding.

ABC SplashABC Splash: Making learning an open and engaging experience
KinmaKinma School: customer experience marketing strategy
ZappendixZappendix: Disruptive short-form publishing app
Landmarks appToyota Landmarks: Choose your own adventure crowd-sourcing travel app
EvertenRethinking Everten: ecommerce site, customer experience and branding
RafflesRe-imagining Raffles College: ‘Living academic environment’
See my portfolio for more

Process and approach

I work in a hands-on capacity to drive the design process from concept to completion.


1. Strategy

I like to develop a deep understanding of what the objectives and users needs are for the project before proposing any design solutions. What are the business drivers? What are the requirements? How does the product or website help people? What are the known issues needing to be addressed? What are competitors in the market offering?


2. Audience

The experience your users have of your product, service or website informs their overall perception of your business. User needs can be very broad and vastly different. It's important to understand not only who your audience is but what their motivations are in understanding the tasks to be done whe n using your product or site.

To better understand your audience and their needs, I create personas and user scenarios, and conduct research to guage user attitudes and perceptions and get insights into what users are doing and why they're doing it


3. Prototyping

Developing the concept is the first step in realising an idea. But a concept will only be successful if it is useful to people. Prototyping allows an idea to be developed and tested quickly, to determine its strengths and weaknesses and evaluate its potential in the market.

Tools and skills I bring to the prototyping process include;

  • architecting information structures with card sorting and site mapping
  • developing interaction design flows and sketches
  • developing prototypes and wireframes (Balsamiq/Axure)
  • creating highly finished visual mock-ups (Photoshop) and preparing detailed supporting documentation
  • working with developers to implement the design

4. Testing

I find that task analysis is the best tool for gaining valuable insights into how people interact with your products in the context of their daily lives. I faciliate task-based user testing and observations, and prepare findings and recommendations to feed back into an iterative design and prototyping process to ensure the best possible end result.

I liaise closely with stakeholders, BA’s, producers and the development team to ensure the design process meets requirements and needs throughout the project development cycle.


5. Metrics

It's important to track how effectively the user experience strategy is meeting strategic goals. Indicators such as conversion rates, traffic and usage stats and customer feedback are all important in measuring the success or in determining areas for improvement.

Experience and skills

I have been working in digital media since 1995 in various capacities including UX, UI and art direction roles and have experience across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, products). A proven innovative design thinker, my strengths include creative excellence, the ability to get into people’s heads and understand motivations, and a love for challenge.

An award winning designer and lecturer, I have taught UX and interaction design for over 6 years. An expert in Adobe Creative Suite, I have been a software trainer, presented at trade shows and seminars and written for a range of industry magazines including DG, ProPrint, Internet AU and Desktop.
I have run my own small design company and founded startups.

I am an experienced team leader and mentor and love to work collaboratively in an Aglie team environment.

Download my resume or visit my LinkedIn profile

A little more about me

I am a multi-talented, practising artist with interests in ephemeral and conceptual art, photography, storytelling, cognitive psychology, linguistics, medieval history and sustainable gardening.

In 2013, I organised a group iPhonography exhibition on the Northern Beaches called 'Ordinary (extra)ordinary' (download the PDF book 3Mb) with 10 women - some of whom were practising artists, some of whom had never considered themselves artists. The exhibition explored the notion of iphonography as an artistic medium for expression and storytelling. The central theme was around the accessibility of photography due to mobiles and the idea that anyone can be an artist. "We are fascinated by those moments that appear ordinary but are made extraordinary either through the visual telling or in the story behind the image."

I am a big believer in volunteering and giving back, and was a member of a number of arts collectives in the 90’s including Clan Analogue. I am currently an active participant in several movements around alternative learning spaces, community gifting culture and innovative creative arts, and I am a founding member of new political party, The Arts Party.

I am also a director of and the marketing coordinator for Kinma, a unique progressive preschool and primary school recognised at university level as one of the few schools in Australia actively practicing learner-directed education.

Bea Pierce UX/UI designer